Friday, September 22, 2006

Where exactly does it go?

Lately, I have been feeling like scrapping, but have absolutely no mojo to do so. Where does this mojo go when it's missing? I think the thing that sucks the most though, is that I actually feel like doing some scrapping, but have zero ideas for what I want to do! So, why does mojo have to go away? Where does it go? Does it go to some other scrapper and we just pass the mojo around? Well, whoever has it.....I WANT MY MOJO BACK!!

Things have been crazy around here! We are actually trying to finish up the projects upstairs before winter hits. We've also been getting bids for a new furnace and new air conditioner. I can't wait till that happens. Hopefully it will make a big impact on our PG&E bill. G's dad is coming in a couple of weeks, and they are going to rip out the tile in our hall/entry way. They peeked underneath, and there is hardwood under there. Hopefully it is in good condition. If not, they are going to sand and try to refinish it, or we'll put new tile down. I've picked out a couple as backup. If the hardwood is salvagable, I guess we'll be turning into a shoe-free house....don't want to ding up the pretty floors you know!

Vegas was lots of fun. It was so nice to go to sleep without hearing the binkie banging on the crib, not have to change any smelly diapers and only have to worry about feeding myself! Wahooo! That's what I call a vacation. I really missed little J, but I could have stayed away a few more days. We were so busy relaxing, that I didn't even take any pictures! Shocking I know! I guess it just goes along with the "What Happens in Vegas....Stays in Vegas!! We saw the Cirque Du Soleil Beetles Love show at the Mirage. It was fantastic! If you get the chance, you should definately catch this show. This was the first time we've ever gone to a Vegas show, and now we are hooked. Hopefully next time we go we can see the Ka show playing at the MGM.

Chat with ya'll very soon!


cheerful cropper said...

i am happy you are home safe :)now get in there and scrap!! i am scrappin' this weekend. i haven't been ablt to since things have been kind of busy around here, but now i am a scrappin' machine! you better get your mojo back before the crop!!

Rebecca said...

When you find your mojo can you tell it mine flew away somewhere too? You need a challenge is what you need, hmmmm, I know...Use the word bodacious in a layout with green paper!

Lara said...

I know exactly how you're feeling. No drive to start working on pages, too many house projects on the list, etc. I started page-planning for Bodega today...and the scrapbooking bug is coming back. :-)

erin said...

hi there! ok, i just sent a note out there for your mojo to come back in a hurry, as the anni crop is this weekend! i'm bummed you aren't going to bodega now, but as the time comes closer, i think i might just be sleeping...what was i thinking? haha. take care, see you soon!

Rene said...

Glad you had a great time in Vegas. We say "O" this weekend and loved it (our friends saw "Love" and thought it was great too.
Remember, What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas...until you scrap it!

berta said...

Laurie, so glad to see you posted on the pixie post, we miss you!
I am glad you had a good time in Vegas, You deserve a break and I bet little J had fun being spoiled by grandma & grandpa :o)
I didn't see any shows when I was there in July, now I wish I had!
I will try and see if your mojo has come up to the NB and send it back home!

island girl said... glad to hear the vaca was sooo fun!!

Anonymous said...

Did you find your mojo yet? Mine's also MIA! Let me know if you have any special secrets for getting it back!

Love Rebecca's challenge. Might post that on my MB.