Monday, January 19, 2009


What a completely fabulous day! There is nothing I LOVE more than spending some fun time with my husband and lil' munchkins! We headed out to the beach this morning, just for the nice drive and to check out some of the small beach towns nearby. I can't believe it, but this was Princess J's first excursion to the beach! What a bad mommy I am to wait this long to take her! She was in heaven at the beach! She took to it like a fish in water! I had to drag her off the beach kicking and screaming....literally. Let me just say, that it is a long walk in sand, with a toddler kicking and screaming with hands, body and feet covered in sand.
The best things ever today, Princess J discoverd her shadow. It was so stinkin' cute watching her check it out and point and poke at it. I'm glad I had the camera out and captured her checking it out.
The other best thing, was watching Little J walk with daddy out to the ocean. He was so happy to be out there and it just really warmed my heart to see him so steady on his feet. While he still doesn't walk on his own, he is becoming so much more steady on his feet, that it is pretty easy to walk with him holding one hand for support. It gets pretty tiring on the arm, but so worth it to see him working on it.

Princess J pretty much brought most of the beach home on her sweat suit. She was covered from head to toe in sand. We were smart enough to bring extra clothes for everyone. She loves the sand, she had a grand old time digging holes and throwing sand everywhere. She loved running down to the water and having daddy chase her around. She had no interest in her personal papparazzi, as everytime I tried to get her to look at me for a photo, she pretty much ignored me as obviously the sand and water were much more entertaining. I can't believe I actually took 145 photos today. I just keep snapping away hoping to get that photo with her actually looking at me! LOL!

After we left the beach, we decided to drive up to Half Moon Bay to get some lunch. We went to this yummy little Mexican restaurant called Tres Amigos. We had some yummy tacos and chips and salsa. Everyone was so super friendly there! We drove through downtown Half Moon Bay and then headed home. I can't wait to go back when it's a bit less crowded and just walk around downtown. It is so super cute! I think we left at the right time though, as we were leaving, the traffic coming in was brutal. The drive in and home were perfect and easy.
We had such a fabulous day! We were exhausted though when we got home, got everything cleaned up and the kids in and out of the bathtub. Whew!


erin said...

what an awesome day for your family! tfs.

Krista Lund said...

what a beautfil day at the beach! it is so important and fun to get away for the day :)

Kent said...

Great pictures! The one of the shadow is SO cute!

Lara said...

I'm glad everyone had a great time at the beach. I'm surprised Princess J hasn't been to the beach before. Max has probably been about 20 times already. Crazy! It looked like you had great weather. And that picture of Josh walking with your DH is so great. I bet he had a ball walking in the waves!

Tayde said...

Oh I love the beach and your pix are precious! I'd love to keep in touch...if you would like an invite to my blog (went private) please email me and I can send an invite! I love to see how you and the munchkins are doing! Even though since the hubby's been back I'm real bad at keeping up with reading all the "other" blogs! But I am making a great effort at keeping mine up! Take care, can't wait to see all your magical pix you have done with Miss Krista! Oh she's just soo fabulous! email me!