Tuesday, November 24, 2009

{Smiles and Frowns}

So I picked up this idea from Krista quite awhile ago and thought it was a cute idea. I never implemented it, but I think now is a good time to do it! There is quite a bit going on around here....some good and some....not so good....

The care and concern that Princess J is showing for both her big brother and her little brother. Today, she wanted to play ball with both of them. She actively tried to engage Little J in a game of catch...Little J is good at catching, but not so good at throwing and then wanted to include Baby J....needless to say, the ball just whacked him in the head (it was a very soft no injury occured). She was very sad when I told her that Baby J was just too little to play ball with. Then tonight, she was laying in bed with me while I was feeding Baby J and she wanted to help hold the bottle while he ate.

Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Theraputics (FAST). All the work that they are doing to find a cure and treatments for AS! A Gala is being held to raise money for all the great work they are doing!

Grocery deliver by Safeway...1 hour early too!

Excited to pick up and borrow a new lens to try out on my camera! I see a little photo shoot with the kiddos in the VERY near future!

Gingerbread Lattes and Carmel Brulee Lattes!

Got a nice "tweet" from Jacqueline Laurita. I know I'm such a dork, but it's my brush with reality TV and she seems so sweet and genuine. :D

A few minutes in the day to read a good book!


Not enough hours in the day!

Trying to find time to pack up the scrap room to move it...not successful.

Missing my creative time with paper, scissors and glue.

Little J's teacher has been sick and was briefly in the hospital.

A couple of people I've been praying for have passed away in the last week.I didn't know either of them, but their stories and their courageous battles touched my heart. One was a young boy with a rare disease and the other a young mother of 2 young boys who battled Leukemia. Sending continued prayers to their families for comfort and peace. Hug your families tight and make sure you tell them you love them as often as you can!

Little J's continuous mischeiviousness is making life a little difficult lately. He doesn't understand danger and has no fear, so this mama is a little on edge lately.

That we are not able to attend the event in Chicago in December by FAST to raise money and awareness for Angelman Syndrome and research to find a CURE!

----------------------------------The next blog entry will have photos....I Promise!-----------

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erin said...

hi laurie,

i agree, the smiles and frowns is such a cute idea!!!

my girlfriend lost her son, this past week, after battling a rare disease for over a year and a half, and my good friend's father passed away, so i'm right there with you praying...

i am so happy you're bloggin again!

happy thanksgiving!