Sunday, April 25, 2010

Paying Attention!

Recently, Every Friday night has been spent at the local Little League field for Challenger league for Little J. Princess J loves to go and everytime we cheer on a player from either team, Princess J joins in louder than anyone...but especially when it's Little J. I didn't really think she was paying attention to what the kids were actually doing out there, because she's usually running around between cheers climbing on the bleachers, playing with other little girls or just running amuck. Princess J surprised me though! These photos are worth a million words!

Initially, we were not supposed to play this past Friday, but because of one game being rained out, and the last game being taken over by team photos they put a game together. It was a little disorganized, but it was lots of fun hanging out and chatting with the other families while it was being put together without our regular coaches. The parents who stepped up did a fabulous job! While we were waiting, Princess J was running amuck. She had a good cold going, but she loves being at the field! Next thing we know, as soon as the equipment got put out, she was all over it. She had a helmut on and grabbed a bat and ball. She carefully put the ball on the T and swung at it! She knocked it off the T and while it was only about 2 inches from where she started, she knew it was time to run......she did however put the ball back on the T before she 3rd base! LOL! It was so stinkin' cute! She was HILARIOUS...and had all that saw her giving her some of her own cheers! GO PRINCESS J!!!!

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jo said...

It's really amazing to watch our kids grow and finally "get it", isn't it? I can't believe how big she's getting!