Thursday, June 16, 2011

Princess J Update!

This last year has been amazing for Princess J! She has been enrolled in a speech immersion program since her 3rd birthday. She started out barely talking and has just come so far! We can't stop her from talking now! The school has been a wonderful experience for her and she just loves it, her teacher and her friends.

Just before her 4th birthday they tested her to see how she was progressing. Apparently they kept her in while the other kids went out to play. She did so well concentrating and thinking about her answers and trying to make sure she got everything right. Her teacher told me that in all the time she has been teaching, Princess J is the first student she has ever given the entire test to. She passed with flying colors! As soon as she was done, the teacher told her she could go outside to play....just as the teacher said that, the bell for the end of playtime rang. Our sweet Princess J balled up her fists and put them on the table and said....awwwww! I missed playtime! Her teacher said it was so cute and she felt so bad making her miss play time!

Anyway, with the results of the test, it means that Princess J no longer qualifies for the speech immersion class at the today, will be her last day in the classroom. She will still continue to receive weekly speech sessions just to keep her progressing for kindergarten. We are now on the hunt for her next school. We have her on a waiting list (she's #1) at a school that was recomended by friends and that after visiting, Princess J really liked. We won't know if she makes it in until August.

Princess J's current favorites:
Food: Mickey Chicken and French Fries, Cheetos and Pretzels (She's still a super pickey eater!)
Movies: Cars and Toy Story
Toys: Ham and Buzz Lightyear (from Toy Story) and Lightning McQueen
Colors: Green and Pink
Wearing Ballerina dresses and sparkley shoes
Cartoons: Pocoyo
Songs: The Duck Song 1, 2 and 3!
Favorite Friends: Nathan, Samantha, Elizabeth, Luis, and Brian

Current Phrases:
Not too much
Just a little bit
That's sooooo silly!
Jordan can I borrow it?

Wearing size 2T and sometimes 3T
Shoe size 6 or 7 toddler

Loves being read to and is beginning to read on her own!
Before we leave the house, she has to tell her toys staying home not to talk to eachother!
Unfortunately not potty trained yet!

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