Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Elmo's Pooped!

A few weeks ago, my Auntie JoAnn and Uncle Doug came for a visit. You know they couldn't come see Little J without something in hand. Little J has a huge love for anything Elmo! A great example of this love, is a couple of months ago, Little J and I were shopping at Wal-Mart. Little J was sitting in the cart while I was bent over picking something up from a lower shelf. All of the sudden, I feel something hit the back of my leg, and then I hear this little whine. I look up at Little J, and there is this one GIANT crocodile tear on his cheek. I look down, and what do I see at my feet, but a Ginormous Tickle Me Elmo. This thing is bigger than Little J! Somehow, he had managed to grab hold of it from the shelf and pulled it off. So, I pick up Elmo, and Little J immediately starts smiling and hugging Elmo. I go to put it back on the shelf, and here comes the whine and another little tear! I put Elmo in the back of the cart thinking, that when little J is not looking, I will quietly put this Elmo away...afterall, who would pay $40 for a ginormous Tickle Me Elmo? Little J did not take his eyes off of this Elmo! Elmo made Little J so happy, that I am the one who paid $40 for a ginormous Elmo! Anyway, the photo you see at the top is Little J's newest addition to his growing Elmo collection. My Auntie and Uncle of course did not come empty handed, they brought Hokey Pokey Elmo! Elmo does the whole dance! After you make him do it three times though, he tells you "Elmo's Pooped!" G and I love that part the best! I can tell you for sure, that Little J will be giving any and all Elmo's a run for their money. This kid can watch, play with, hug, love and laugh until all the Elmo's are pooped!

The current Elmo population at our house: 3 and growing!


erin said...

omg, you are so funny! my daughter went through a similar phase, and let me tell you, i tried for over 2 months to find that tickle me elmo doll, and my aunt came through for her, just in time for xmas that year. i'm happy to loan him, if i can find him! your son has good taste afterall!!!

island girl said... least you always no what to get him!!!

Rebecca said...

I *heart* Elmo too! La la lala, la lala, Elmo's World :)

Now I've got that song stuck in my head!

sylvia said...

hee hee...ya gotta love elmo right??? ;)