Saturday, August 05, 2006

Just getting the word out....

There is a beautiful little girl in Las Vegas, that is in need of a loving family to adopt her. Her name is Mekayla and she is 5 years old. It is my understanding that she was abandoned by her parents and due to her special needs has been unable to find a family to adopt her. Please read her story and if you or anyone you know might be the family for her then please contact them! Ever since I heard about her and saw her photograph she's been on my mind. While I wish that we could adopt her, I don't think we would be able to with learning the ropes and getting used to Little J's needs. I'm just hoping that someone might read this and feel it in their heart that Mekayla is the missing piece of their family and give her the home and the love that she needs.

**For information on Mekayla, just click on her name to be re-directed to her page.**

Also, Mekayla's 6th birthday is coming up in the month of August. If you would like to send her a birthday card, I will have the address to send it to in the next couple of days. I think it would be amazing for this little girl to receive so much attention on her birthday! Just post in the comments if you would like to send a card and as soon as I get the address, I will share it with you.

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