Thursday, August 10, 2006

Mommy has too much to do!

So, I get to invade her blog one more time!! It's been a busy week around here! First, I wasn't feeling well on Monday and Tuesday, so mommy said we could just hang around the house. I was so glad, even though I know mommy had lots of stuff to do. I was feeling better on Wednesday and my friend came over to help me with my speech. Another friend was supposed to come over, but she ended up not being able to make it, which I was happy about because I was super tired from my earlier play time and waking up through the night with this cough. Today, my friend Jessica came over to help me out with some cruising techniques and some stretching and climbing skills. We had a blast! She always brings this huge exercise ball, that is lots of fun to bounce on! I was worn out today too, so I took a super long nap. This was good for mommy, because she got lots of house cleaning done. I'm not sure she really liked doing it though...I'm pretty sure she would rather be playing with me.

I'm gonna tell you a secret have to promise not to tell mommy or daddy though. I'm really taking these long naps, so that I can play this really cool game with them at night before I fall asleep. It's called fetch my binkie! Here's what I do...first, I pull myself up to stand in my crib, then I start whining a little. When the whining doesn't work, then I toss my binkie out of the crib and start whining louder. This one always gets them. They really come running! I've got those two trained!

Mommy has so much to do to get ready for her trip this weekend. Daddy and I are making her go away, so we can sit in front of the big screen and watch some football! We really got her fooled though. She thinks that it's us doing her a favor by letting her go off with her friends to this scrapbook thing, when really we just want a guy weekend! She always lets me watch my main man Elmo on tv, but then she watches that soap opera of hers. I'm so glad I won't have to watch it tomorrow. Hopefully dad has a full day of Elmo programming ready for me!

Oh well, I know she's gonna have fun too. Peace out ya'll! Mommy will be back on Sunday!


Cheryl Wray said...

TOO cute!!!!

Rene said...

Little J, it sounds like your parents have been running you ragged! Get some rest with your Dad this weekend and tell Mommy to have a GREAT time at that scrap place all weekend. Tell her to stay out of trouble there too :-)

island girl said...

omg....i am dying over here!!! you tell your mom to have a good time this weekend!!

Rebecca said...

You're getting the hang of this being a kid stuff! Good job little J :) Wear 'em out! Glad you're feeling better

erin yamabe said...

i hope you guys had a great gotta crop weekend away!! i hope to be able to join the next one!