Monday, February 19, 2007

Things to do.....and I don't feel like it!

Well, I feel like my to do list is over a mile long, and I have no gumption to do any of it either! So, I thought I'd post my list here to put it out there and see how much I can get done.

1. Clean Scraproom!
2. Clean up dining room area (lots of clutter going on here)
3. Clean bathroom
4. Reorganize Master bedroom (get rid of more clutter!)
5. Pick curtain rod at Pottery Barn Kids for the baby's room
6. Safeway trip
7. Buy new towels, soap and candles for new bathroom.
8. Finish reading current book, so I can get started on the next one.

I know there is plenty more, but my head hurts now from thinking of all of this stuff! =)


island girl said...

awwwww...lists are yuck!!

althought pottery barn kids, and new towels and soap for the bathroom sound more like shopping!! and we like shopping!

Suzy said...

LOL, poor baby!! You looked so adorable the other night!!!
Put on the list...meeting tomorrow. LOL