Friday, February 16, 2007

When your husband really tries to make your day.....

So, as many of you who have been checking in, know that things have been super crazy around our house....and I mean super crazy! Anyway, we've been working at getting everything we need for the new arrival, getting ready for family to visit and help, keeping up with Little J's therapies and everything else that goes with everyday life. We've been fighting colds and contractions along with a few other unmentionable things.

The thought of Valentines Day was a little overwhelming, but we decided that we were going to celebrate after the new little one arrives when there is family here to watch the little ones so we could go out to dinner and have time for just the two of us. We were not going to do anything for Valentines Day until then....lucky for me, since the little homemade project and gift I'd been thinking of is nowhere near complete!

Well, G knows, that I've been a bit tired and a little on the sad side, because I just can't keep up and get all the things done that I want. I can't get comfortable at night to sleep, and during the day I'm chasing little J. And my big plans for Valentines Day? A trip to the OB! Wahooooooo!! He decided, that he was going to go ahead and send me a cheerful bouquet of flowers on Valentines....just because. He is the best hubby ever! He had it all arranged, he sent a sweet box of sweets and a dozen roses......the problem.....the roses never arrived and the box of sweets were damaged. We've been trying and trying to get in touch with the provider ( but to no avail. Today, we are watching the news and guess what.....See news story here!

Poor G! He is so mad! For those of you who know him also know that he does not get mad very often either. For me, just knowing he tried to send it to brighten my day...makes me super happy!

Just as a recomendation....if you ever want to order flowers online and get really good customer service, use! They are really awesome! One time I ordered a bouquet for my Mother-In-Law...and not 5 minutes after I ordered it, the contacted me to let me know that the bouquet I requested was not available in her area. They helped me choose a new bouquet...which was a little more expensive, and didn't charge me the difference. Awesome service! She received the bouquet and said it was one of the most beautiful arrangements she had seen!


island girl said...

awww...what a sweetie! he tried so hard too!!

hope things are going well!!

Lara said...

So sorry...that xuxas!

(As a former florist, I'd suggest the old fashioned way - a phone call directly to the florist. They'll know their availability first hand.)

Hopefully they'll send you a 'make-up' bouquet like that news story said! ;-)

erin yamabe said...

omg, i cannot believe that! that was very very sweet for your hubby to do all of that, at least he tried:) i hope the time you do get to celebrate is that much sweeter!