Saturday, April 21, 2007

A New Look!

So my life has been taken over by this little princess! I'm loving most every minute of it though! She's quite a demanding little one, but she deserves it! Things have certainly been crazy around here, our lives pretty much revolve around feeding kids these days. Between Princess J demanding food every 3 hours and Little J's need for his regular schedule and lots of platytime and attention from mommy and daddy there isn't much time for anything else. I LOVE IT!!

I thought that since the girl to boy ratio in this house has reached 50/50 it was time to bring a little pink to the old blog. A little brightness for when I'm up in the middle of the night unable to return to sleep! LOL! Thank goodness, for our new laptop, or I don't know if I would be online at all! Love sitting in bed while the little one sleeps next to me and getting a little surf time.

We've been taking tons of photos, I still need to get new ones uploaded and pick up the ones I've ordered from Costco. Can't wait to find some time to get some scrapping in. Well, since I'm doing nothing but rambling here and I really have nothing profound at this moment to say.....


jo said...

Love the new pink look - it's one of my new favorite colors!

Thank goodness for laptops! I don't know what I would do without mine!

I'd probably scrapbook more, that's for sure! *lol*

Glad to hear the kids are doing great! wow, Princess J is already on a 3 hour feeding schedule? It took Jonah a month and a half! *lol*

Have a great week!

erin said...

beautiful addition to your blog:)