Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Fluff Post because....

Life has just been way to serious lately! Oy! I think it is finally starting to settle, but I'm tired of thinking about it for right now. So, I'm making a list of all the crazy shows I'm watching these days! I think it might honestly look like I sit in front of the television all day eating bon bons, but you all know the truth....right?

Dancing With the Stars
The Bachelor
Law & Order SVU
Gordon Ramsey Kitchen Nightmares
Survivor China
Womens Murder Club
America's Most Wanted
Desperate Housewives
Brothers and Sisters
Private Practice
Las Vegas
Young and the Restless
Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders
The Hills
Tori & Dean: Inn Love
Pageant Place
How Clean Is Your House?
You are What you Eat
Diagnosis X
Whatever Korean Drama is on AZN
Shot at Love with Tila Tequila*
I Love New York 2*
Yo! Gabba Gabba**
The Backyardigans**
The Wonder Pets**
Curious George**
Sesame Street**

*Disclaimer: While I love these shows, the only reason I'm hooked, is because it's like a train wreck that I can't take my eyes off of. :D

**2nd Disclaimer: These are Little J and Princess J's shows. While I do know all the words to these shows, I am forced to watch these!! :D

Sigh.....I do watch way to much TV.

Princess J's Favorite right now!


cheerful cropper said...

your list looks a lot like mine! i started nursing katelyn downstairs in the middle of the night just to catch up on all my tivo'd shows!!!

Suzy West said...

ummmm dude, you watch a TON of tv!LOL

I love Survivor, CSI, Greys anatomy, and sometimes dancing with the stars. SO AWESOME!!!

sylvia said...

aw, laurie! you gotta catch me up on y&r! i haven't seen it in weeks. i like some of those shows oh your list too, but i never know what days they are on!!! TV Guide???

Lizz said...

I don't think your list is that bad (like Suzy does! LOL) Than goodness for Tivo though!

erin said...

yes, amen for TIVO, that's for sure!
i love grey's, survivor and csi too:) it is pretty much thurs nights and mondays, i still watch the bachelor LOL

jo said...

Too funny! You might rival me in terms of the reality TV addiction. Carl will be surprised! *lol*

Kent said...

Hey fellow tv junkie! There are some on there that I haven't heard about so I will check them out (I think I'll pass on the Korean drama though). :-P