Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thank You {DORA}!

Princess J is a very strong willed little girl. She is really testing her independence every single day. She only wants to do what she wants to do and only when she wants to do it. This little girl knows how to throw a temper tantrum!

We have been trying endlessly to get her to give up her bottle and move to a sippy cup. She has wanted no part of it. She has thrown them. She has sat there and looked at them. She has played with them, but she has never ever taken even one sip out of one. We have bought endless types to see which one she would like. We even put her bottle nipple on one sippy cup to try and transition her over. Even that didn't work. The other day, I went to the dreaded Wally's and as we were walking down an aisle picking up some cups for Little J, she spotted Dora......on a sippy cup! She pointed and pointed and pointed until I grabbed one for her. She held on to it with all her might! So, that afternoon, I put her milk in it and OH MY GOD! She drank from it! It took her a bit to get the hang of it, but she did it!!! I have not given her a bottle since!!! Let's keep our fingers crossed that she continues to love on this sippy cup! I'll be out to get a few more tomorrow. I only bought a 2 pack, because I didn't want to throw away anymore money on a useless sippy cup.

Next hurdle will be to get her to be more interested and less picky about food.


Krista Lund said...

yah princess j!
katleyn is pretty stubbon when it comes to something new, but the transition from bottle to sippy cup was pretty good.
she has turned into a picky eater too! lil stinkers!

Mrs. L said...

Was it the old "toddler" Dora or the new "teen" Dora?