Monday, March 22, 2010

Little J-apalooza!

Little J had a very busy schedule on Friday! This little boy was going and going like the energizer bunny! Why is it that all the fun stuff always seems to fall on the same day instead of being spread out through the month or even the week? LOL!

Friday after school, Little J participated with his class in his schools walk-a-thon to raise money for his school! He did a great job and completed 3 laps walking on his own
with some supervision from his teacher! All the kids had a great time!

The most exciting thing for Little J was his first little league t-ball game!

We had heard about leagues in other areas for little ones with special needs, but hadn't heard of any near us. One day I was chatting with Little J's PE teacher and he was telling me that they had been playing t-ball in his PE class and that Little J loved it! I told him we eventually wanted to find a league for him to play in. He then told me he was in touch with our local league and would be getting the information and would pass it on to us.

We had Little J signed up before the end of the week! This organization is so awesome! All the kids were out there in their uniforms, just having a great time!

The smile on Little J's face as he played with his daddy's help says it all! I think that was probably the most amazing and fun sporting event I have ever been to! The best thing was that the fans in the stands were cheering equally for both teams! The kids got so much joy out of playing and hearing all the cheering going on for them. Princess J had a great time cheering everyone on too! She'd hear all the cheering from the stands and she joined right in and tried (and most likely succeeded) at being the loudest cheer girl there! Hmmmm....I wonder where she gets all that cheering spirit?

The kids play every Friday night for about an hour or so. It was perfect! Can't wait for this Friday to get here and go to another game! Yay!

You know that means more photos to come!!!


erin said...

these are awesome, laurie!
congratulations to little j!

jo said...

He's amazing! I can't believe how grown up he is now! Where has time gone?

Love the new pics of Little J! :)

Krista Lund said...

little j's smile warms my heart! wtg on the walkathon!

Lara said...

Great photo of Josh walking the Cougar-thon!