Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Word Explosion!

Our little Princess J hadn't been much interested in talking immediately. She was a very good communicator, making up her own version of sign language to meet her needs. For example: If she were sitting in her booster chair and she wanted down, she intially would point to you, point to herself and then point to the floor as if to get me down! LOL! It was hilarious the things she came up with....but this also worried us.....
She started working with a speech therapist just after her 2nd birthday. After a few months, she got a new speech therapist and we are so thankful for all the hard work Alex has put in with our Princess J. Alex is amazing! Princess J adores Alex! Over the last year, she has slowly begun to use the last 2 months, we've had word and sentence EXPLOSION!
You all have probably seen the Family Guy commerical where Stewie is saying "mom" in as many different ways as he can be annoying...this is Princess J constantly....although it's not's the most amazing sound I have heard in my life! Her little voice and even the word "no" is cherished beyond measure. Don't get me wrong...there are those days where it's a bit grating on the ears, but I will never tell her to be quiet...except maybe to use the "inside voice" rather than crowded stadium voice. LOL!
When you have a child who doesn't meet their milestones and may never talk like our beautiful Little J, every milestone they do meet is a miracle....every milestone your other children meet is just as miraculous! We definately won't be taking any of it for granted!
Here are some of our favorite multiple word Princess phrases:
Stay Home!
Get out!
My Room!
Daddy Po Po!
Whole Bunch!
I Love You!
Love You Too!
Go Home!
My School!
How Are You?
I'm Good!
Wow Wow! (For Wow Wow Wubbzy)
Dora & Boots!
She can also count to 5 too!
So proud of her!


Laura said...

Hey Laurie,
My lil guy doesn't say anything but mama. Except for today, when he was watching the Lion King for the first time I really thought I heard him sigh and say "don't die" at the icky part. Not about to write that down in the baby book.
He turned 2 in December and is growing so much in every other way, but not the talking way. What was the first sign you had trouble with lil J? Why did you feel the need to go to a st? I would love to know the answers so I can learn from one who has been there!
Thanks peace and love, Laura

jo said...

That's awesome! I was worried about my own J and his ability to speak too for a while - all of a sudden something switched in him and he's talking up a storm! Now I just have to watch my foul mouth sometimes. *lol*

Anonymous said...

What kind of AS does your son have? Is there a chance of passing it onto other children? I'm curious if you had genetic counseling before having a second child. The hardest part of not having a diagnosis for my daughter is that I don't know if we can pass this on to other children- and I'm not about to have more kids before getting a diagnosis.

Krista Lund said...

so so so happy for princess j! i bet her lil voice is the best sound in the world for you! hugs!