Monday, October 11, 2010


This post is LONG overdue!
I remember my dad and my grandma taking me to Children's Fairyland when I was a little girl. I've been dying to take the kids myself! I have so many good memories of coming here. Lots of puppet shows, exploring my favorite fairytales and the prized magic key!

It was quite funny to enter through the old shoe that was once the ticket booth when I was little and enter the newly renovated ticket booth. Upon entering, I was struck by how little everything is, when my memories picture everything so much bigger! I know, I know, it's because I was so little then that it seemed so big!
What was so wonderful, is that overall, everything is exactly the same. The magic key, the little blue boxes and my little Princess was just mesmerized. She was running everywhere....and she held on to that magic key with every bit of strength she had! She didn't care to stick the key in the blue boxes, but she loved the key! LOL!
While Princess J was running everywhere and hard to keep up with, Peanut J was just taking it all in. Just looking at everyone and everything! He was even distracted enough to drink his milk instead of formula...after he'd been fussing for days over the change. Little J, loved looking at stuff, but after awhile his friend Stephanie (our respite care helper) took him over to the open grass area and let him loose to wrestle and kick his legs up. It was perfect!
I can't wait to take Princess J back and now that Peanut J is a bit more moble, letting him explore some too....outside of the stroller.

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