Sunday, October 24, 2010

{Still Here}

We are still here and all is well. This cute little smiley boy you see here is none other than Peanut J! He is finally demanding his time and place in this family. He is no longer my patient little man who just goes with the flow. It used to be that he would only scream when he was he is using those powerful vocal cords to demand many things.....including food, changing, naps, and moving his turn in the chain up a few notches. He let us have it easy for awhile.....but he is definately taking Princess J's lead and quickly attempting to move himself to the top of the chain. The squeeky wheel gets the grease.....and welll....he's being pretty darn squeeky!
We welcome this emergence of his personality....I don't know how long Princess J is going to stand for it though!
Peanut J is doing so well. He's quickly becoming a steady walker....and we believe he is destined to be a line backer or a comedian. While Princess J steers clear of Little J and stays out of his way, Peanut J just jumps right in....if Little J is in his way he just pushes him out of the way. Little J was in prime wrestling position the other day and Peanut J jumped right on top of him. We are so proud of Little J doing his best to be gentle....sometimes his excitement gets the best of him though.....but Peanut J has no fear!
Peanut J is a great eater! Right now, his favorite thing to do is to start laughing and then stick his hand in his full mouth and come after you with his handful of food. He thinks it's quite hilarious! He also thinks it's hilarious to throw his cheerios, goldfish, or whatever item is on his tray on the floor and watch you fetch it. He literally belly laughs! Peek-a-boo is still his favorite game....he still thinks it's hilarious. He loves to watch cartoons with the kids....however his personal favorite right now is Dora the Explorer.
I'm really trying to get back in the groove here and have some fun stuff to post coming up soon!


Krista Lund said...

what a sweet post about adorable peanut j!! i love seeing his toothy smile!

Sarah C said...

I love babies smiles when they're toothy too. So cute. He sounds like a right fun handful x