Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A Quick Catchup with the Trio!

This last year has been a crazy and wild ride! I don't even know where to begin really.

In the last year, we've had a 2nd grader turn into a 3rd grader, a preschooler turn into a kindergartner and a toddler turn into a preschooler! Lots of milestones there!

Little J is still at the same elementary school doing very well in the same class. He has been assigned a 1:1 aide which has helped him immensely! He loves his aide so much! What a great guy! His aide has worked so hard with him on so many things over the last year and a half! Little J did very well after surgery (which was my last post, last year). He is pretty much back to pre-surgery walking....except that now he is walking FLAT FOOTED and not on his tip toes! Yay! While it was a great commitment on our part to have the surgery done and deal with the casts and getting him back to walking, his aide has been essential in this as well. His aide did his excersises at school with him everyday and kept him motivated to keep going! THANK YOU MATT! Matt is the perfect match for Little J, he gives him just enough fun, just enough friendship, and the perfect amount of keeping him on task! Little J has been thriving at school and is beginning to see more time for mainstreaming! He's got friends at school and even went on a field trip with his peers.....and did awesome!

Princess J graduated from preschool in June and started kindergarten in September! She is at the same school with Little J and loves it! Since the school that Little J goes to is not our home school in the district, Princess J only knew a few of the kids going with her. As luck would have it, none of them were assigned to the same kinder class as she was. She was a bit disappointed at first, but found her new group of friends in class and maintained some of her friendships on the recess yard. We had her parent-teacher conference and Princess J was described as a hard worker, who is kind and caring to her classmates and friends. She's also an excellent reader! She loves to go to school, she loves to do her homework and she loves her teacher!  She also joined an AWANA club at a local church, that she sees many of her friends from preschool at she is really enjoying her time there and learning lots about the bible, Jesus and God.

Last, but definately not least....Peanut J, also affectionately called honey badger! He is one wild boy! OH MY! I love this little boy, but I think that if he'd been #2 in the lineup, there would not be a #3! He keeps us on our toes and he has one speed......FAST! I was a bit worried when we signed him up for preschool (and I think the teachers were too).....he never stops going! In September, Peanut J started preschool at the same place that Princess J went. The teachers there are AMAZING! Peanut J has done so well! He loves to go there! He is great at following directions, knows the class routine, lines up when he's supposed to and sits (for as long as he can possibly stand it) when he's supposed to. He loves his teachers too! He loves to pretend to call them on the phone and say "Teacher (insert 1 of 3 names here), I love you! I'm coming back!" He's too cute! He was in the angel choir for the school Christmas pageant, and stayed put on the risers the entire time....I was sure he was gonna bolt and run for us! LOL! He's working on potty training....but it's a slow go for him. He loves to sit on the potty, but still no'll happen and you'll hear about it here though!  He graduated to his toddler bed. Right now, daddy has to go in and lay with him until he falls asleep....otherwise he'd be up all night climbing in and out of it!

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