Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Just a Quick Hello!

Everything has been crazy busy around here lately for one reason or another. I just wanted to send a quick hello to all my blogger buddies, before I run out to do some errands. One errand includes trying to find a sheet of sherbert bazzill paper. I was so inspired to do a layout last night, I got to working on it, and I splotched my ink pad on the sheet of paper, where I can't hide it! And, of course it was my last sheet of that color....go figure. Anyway, I'll post it as soon as I get it done! I can't wait!

In other notes, just wanted to send prayers out to the CHP officer involved in the accident pictured above. He was on the center median waiting to make a u-turn on the highway when a Snapple truck plowed into him doing 60mph. He is so lucky to have survived! And I'd like to add a PSA... when you see an officer pulled off on the side of the road, kindly move over a lane to give space and make it safer for the officer and any others that are on the side of the road. It's acutally a law in 38 out of 50 states! I know it wouldn't have made a difference in this accident, but just thought I'd take the opportunity to throw that out there! I'll post more later tonight!

Take Care!


EatCrayons said...

I saw that accident on the news last night, seriously I think my jaw hit the floor! Amazing he survived. Wasn't he released from the hospital last night as well? He had angels on his side for sure. :)

island girl said...

hey sweetie! glad to see you blogging again!! i'll keep the officer and his family in my thoughts...