Thursday, March 16, 2006

Oh What Fun!

I had such a great time today! I was so fortunate to reconnect with another friend today! It's amazing to think of how long we've lost touch for. It wasn't an intentional out of touch thing either. It just happened. Life got busy, we were in different spots in our lives and time just slipped away. It's really been 8 years since we've gotten together. It was so great to see her today too. Things just really picked up right where they left off. We chatted incessantly about what's been going on in our lives. We got to meet eachothers new baby. Mine at 15 months old, and hers at 3 months old! I felt really bad for the waiter, because it took us forever to order. We'd start looking at the menu, and then get back to chatting. I'm so happy now!!


Michelle W. said...

yeah! So glad to hear that. YOu're a lucky girl


island girl said...

yay...sounds if we can just get together with some new friends.....hmmm...