Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Wow! This has been a busy week for me! CrAzY Busy! It all started with a birthday party for Josh to attend last Saturday, and it's been non stop since 10am that day! I've been so blessed this week, to start reconnecting with old friends.

Before G and I met, I had a couple of friends, that I used to go out with constantly. If it was a Friday or Saturday night, we were together, going out to parties, clubs, dinners, you name it, we did it! Well, after G and I started down the path to marriage, I wasn't hitting the single scene anymore, and we kind of lost touch. Well, recently one of these friends got married, and moved very close to where G and I live now. She, out of the blue emailed me and invited me to their housewarming/houseblessing party. What a wonderful day! She met my new little one, and I got to meet her new hubby! We didn't get to chat much, but are definately planning on not losing touch this time! Next, my little sister from my Sorority Alpha Phi, contacted me by email the other day. We'll be planning a get together in the near future. Tomorrow, I'm meeting up with another friend that I haven't seen in quite a long time. She just had her first baby last December, so we're gonna meet for lunch and introduce our little ones! What fun!

We're getting ready to head out for a mini vacation with G's family soon. I'm looking forward to getting out of town for a little bit, and relaxing and taking some photos!

I'll let ya'll know how lunch goes tomorrow! I'm really looking forward to it!


island girl said...


that rocks. i love reconnecting with old friends and just being able to pick up where you left off!!

and yes, i must come to northern california...i will be in san francisco the week after thanksgiving...hint hint!! :-)

Michelle W. said...

how fun is that! I've lost all my single friends too. We all swore not to get married (I was the traiter?!) and they all started to dissappear after a while. So great to hear you were able to reconnect with one of them!

Post some photos of little J! lol. It's like calling in the radio station and instead of requesting a song I'm requesting to see cute baby pictures.

How is he doing recovering? Is he back to his normal self yet?


sylvia said...

have fun on your vacation laurie!! hope lunch was great!!