Friday, November 17, 2006

If you didn't know this before.....

you will know for sure now.....I am a television addict! Yesterday my entry was all about celebrating the Dancing with the Stars champions this year Emmitt and Cheryl. Today.....I gotta say I am loving this season of Survivor! I have been rooting for our local participant and his team Yul and Aitu! I'm loving it even more, now that those two looney heads Candace and Jonathan jumped ship and the four members of Aitu are still winning! I think it's even funnier that Candace keeps getting shipped over to Exile Island!

I really hope that they have sealed their fate by abandoning their tribe. If either one of them makes it to the final two...who would vote for them. Why would anyone want to keep a known deserter around, much less give them a million bucks. All I can say, is GO YUL!!!!!

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