Monday, December 04, 2006

The Scrapbook Motherload....and then some!

What a fun time!!! If you read my last post, you saw that I found this cute little scrap store in Bend, Oregon..... Scrapbooking Outside the Box. I thought I'd share with you some of the loot I picked up. We just got back on Wednesday, and then this weekend was crazy busy! On Friday, Krista had a purse party. What fun that was! There were lots of gals there already, since I was late for the opening run at the merchandise. It was crazy! I walked in and there were at least 20 women holding on to at least 4 bags each for dear life! Then there was this calm, where everyone was just waiting and watching for someone to put down a bag they were coveting! I think at one point, I was holding on to 5 bags. I just couldn't decide. I was carrying around this one bag that everyone seemed to want, I had a line for it. Then one of the gals who wanted the bag had a bag that Suzy really wanted. So, I made a deal with her, if she gave Suzy the bag she wanted, she could have the one I had. Afterall, it is Christmas, and I really shouldn't be buying myself 5 purses! LOL! She went for it, so Suzy got her bag and I picked up the cute one in the picture above! Krista put on a great party, lots of great snacks and drinks (even though I couldn't try one of those pomogranite martini's)!
Saturday, was a full day of fun! The group of gals I day crop with at the garage periodically (meaning not as often as I would like) had our annual cookie exchange. YUMMY! There are some yummy cookies in my house now! It was lots of fun chatting with the gals and eating the scrumptious cookies! Then we had our mechanic's gift exchange! Sylvia hooked me up with a fabulous gift of the new Foofala paper, buttons and ribbon. She even added a few pieces of yummo chocolate! Thanks Sylvia!!!
Then I took Michelle's fabulous class! What a fun filled day! I also picked up some more scrapping goodies at the garage as well. I put all my stuff including the purse on my couch and all I could think was WOW! I hit the scrapbook motherload....and then some!!!


mesogoofy2 said...

It was great seeing you at the purse party Friday night! WIsh you could've come hung out with us for Olive Garden afterwards...maybe next time!

Take Care,
Jenn =0)

sylvia said...

i'm so glad that you liked your loot! i'm glad i was able to grab the last items on the shelf for you. those were going fast!!! :)

Noelia said...

Is that a 7 gypsies seal stamp I see? Lucky girl!
That's the mother of all motherloads! I'm green with envy ;)

cheerful cropper said...

such fun stuff in this post- sb supplies, purses, parties, classes! such fun!!!

Erin Yamabe said...

oh wow!!! i sure miss seeing you guys and hanging out! thanks for sharing about your fun-filled weekend! and i hope to be included in the next purse party, too! i'm bummed to have missed out on the gg party especially and michelle's calendar class i heard was rockin!

thanks for your thoughts and prayers, girl! right back at you! you're always in our prayers.

glad you're back, and holy cow, you sure did find lots of goodies! cheers to that!

island girl said...

holy smokes that is the motherload!! love it...and purse party..i have never heard of such a thing! i need to go to one of those!!