Sunday, January 07, 2007

We're only 7 days into 2007....

and I think I've already lost my mind! I thought the holidays brought on all the crazies! These last 7 days have been a roller coster ride for us. January 1st started up with a bang....or should I say a barf fest. Sorry to be so graphic. Little J woke up happy as a clam giving out hugs and lots of love, ate his breakfast and then proceeded to barf all morning long. I thought to myself, ruh-roh! I hope this is not a sign of things to come! Later that evening, Little J was back to his happy playful all seemed well.

January 2nd, I woke up not feeling quite right. I had a busy day ahead, and was trying to figure out exactly what was going on with me. I kept getting little cramps all morning off and on, but couldn't figure them out. I got ready for our day, and was drinking lots of water and feeling just a little off. At 11 am, we headed out to Oakland, because my Dad and Stepmom decided to make it official, and we went to the courthouse to get the marriage license and see the justice of the peace. Everyone looked so good....and Little J was wearing his first ever suit and tie. Sooooo adorable!! We came home, and then headed out for a nice lunch. Lunch was yummy, but I couldn't eat very much...still feeling a bit off. As we left, G went to the Starbucks drive-thru, so I could get my Gingerbread Latte fix (you never know when they will be gone!) and then it all went terribly wrong. The stomach bug had hit! G rushed me home and I took care of some business and laid down in bed...just wanting to sleep. I was still getting cramps, but didn't know if they were pregnancy related or stomach bug related. I called the doctor, and she sent me off to Labor and Delivery at the hospital to make sure I wasn't having contractions. All went well with that, our little princess was doing fine, but I was dehydrated and they wanted me to drink lots of water. Little did I know, I was in for a long night of running back and forth to the bathroom. The last thing I wanted to do was drink water, but for our little one, I kept trying and trying. Later that night, my parents had to take our Yukonbear to the emergency vet, where he ended up spending the night. While they were there, my Dad came down with the same thing I had. OY! They came home, and everyone settled in for the night, not knowing that the excitment wasn't over. I don't think I slept for more than 30 minutes at a time here and there, so I was up all night. At 2 in the morning, I hear my Little J's a bit earlier than normal, but he wants his clean diaper! I wake up G and ask him to check on Little J. He goes in changes his diaper and then goes to put him back in bed.....and he throws up! G takes Little J to his comfy chair and sets him up, and then goes to clean up his bed. He waits a bit and offers Little J some Pedialyte. It seems Little J is back to ok. Meanwhile, my (now official) Stepmom is coming down with the same bug. Somehow though, after making sure that everyone else was keeping hydrated she became dehydrated and even forgot that she got married. Off to the emergency room she went!

January 3rd, I had an appointment with my doctor for a recheck. I was still pretty dehydrated, so they sent me home with more orders to drink water and eat the BRAT diet. I was then told to come back for a recheck the next morning. I went home, and my parents still were not back from the emergency room. Thankfully my tummy settled down, and I got some good sleep in! My parents finally got home around noon and it was slumber land for them too.

January 4th, back to the doctor....still dehydrated! Ugh! Sent home for a few hours and then had to be back for another test. Thankfully, this one came out okay! All is well. Everyone is recovering and is on the mend.

Yukon, is still not settled though. We're not sure where this is going at this point. He spent Tuesday night at the emergency vet and Wednesday night at his regular vet. They sent him home on Friday with tons of medication and we have to take him back to talk to his regular doctor about his results, options and prognosis. I'm feeling very aprehensive about this right now. We'll see how this goes, keep our beautiful little puppy in your prayers!

With all that drama, I'm still hopeful and looking forward to a joyful 2007! I'll keep ya'll updated and eventually when things settle down, I'll post my goals for the new year!

{The photo at the top is Little J in his first suit and tie!}


sylvia said...

oh no! laurie!! i hope you're all feeling better. yuk! no fun being sick while preggers. glad it wasn't anything more serious! hope to see you soon!!

erin said...

oh, laurie, i am so sorry to hear you went through all of that!!! how did you manage to do gg stuff for us then? omg girlie, take care please!!!
we'll keep your dog in our thoughts and prayers, too. thank goodness you are on the mend:)

and how cute is your son in his suit!!!

island girl said...

whew....what a week!! holy smokes!! glad to hear everyone, even the princess, is recovering!!

keep us posted!

mesogoofy2 said...

wow, you've had a lot going on. Hopefully you'll all be better soon!

And what an adorable little guy you have! Love his little outfit!!!!

Suzy West said...

Hey there chickie!!! Did you see my mouth to the ground when you and your mom were telling me the story? I can't believe it! I'm glad you are feeling better! Little man looks adorable!!!

Kent said...

Whew - I am just exhausted reading your blog!! Oh man but glad to hear you are feeling better.