Friday, June 22, 2007


I can hardly believe it! I've actually been able to do a little scrapping lately!! Beautiful You is the first layout I've done of Princess J! The paper is by Heidi Grace it is from the Mushroom line. I am just in love with all the Heidi Grace Paper lately!! I actually started this one at the National Scrapbook Day crop at Suzy's store Picture Me Perfect in Fremont, but today I finally finished it. Sweet Smiling Cowboy I just did today! G watched the kiddos upstairs, while I put itunes on and listened to music and got my scrap on! I did this one for the Garage Girl design team at Suzy's. The last one Thank You God has actually been in my head for awhile, but I couldn't figure out a title. Then as I was browsing the gallery at Two Peas in a Bucket, I found this title on another scrappers layout. I hope she doesn't mind that I snagged her title, but it just fit. I needed to scrap the basic feeling that G and I feel so blessed, that God has trusted the special care of Little J to us. It's not always easy, but we know it is a blessing from heaven that he is our little boy.

Seeing these completed layouts really are inspiring me in so many ways. Not only can I not wait to do some more scrapping, but I really feel the need to get down to work when it comes to organizing my scrap stuff. Putting these layouts together has also made me feel the need to start thinking realistically about purging and using my stash. Right now, it is everywhere! Whenever I go into that room, I usually feel the mojo just sucked right out of me, because it's just all over the place and unorganized. It's really driving me crazy Tomorrow, I'm going to find some time to at least get started on putting everything in its' place and finding a place for everything. If I can't find a place for everything, then I need to be real about purging it. We are getting ready to have a "garage sale at Suzy's store, so I need to get some stuff in boxes, priced and out of here! I have the perfect opportunity to actually know what I have, where it is, and be able to make a point to use it! I just hope it's not too late! I have such a limited window of time to get this done!

This weekend, my sister-in-law and neice are coming to stay with us. I'm finally going to get rid of this stinkin' umbillical hernia on Monday! So, I won't be able to lift Little J for 2 weeks! I'm kind of nervous about the surgery too. It's kind of funny that the incision for the C-section was huge compared to the tiny one for this surgery but, I didn't even blink an eye or worry about the C-section. I hope this procedure heals quickly and easily, because I have so many things I want to do when it's over. I have so many things planned in the next two weeks! We're hoping to take my sister-in-law and neice to San Francisco to see some touristy sights (not to mention some photos). We'd also like to have her take some family photos for us. It's next to impossible to use the tripod and get a really good photo with Little J. He always wants to be looking at one of us. So, if we're not behind the camera, then he's not looking at the camera. We also bought tickets to the local fair as well. That should be good for some more photo opportunities. Whewwww....I'm acutally getting tired thinking about the calender after the surgery. I better nap now!!!


erin said...

oh laurie, those are all just gorgeous, and i especially love the (thank god for...) as i remember you starting that one! great job girlie!

let me know if there's anything i can do ok?



Anonymous said...

beautiful LOs, Laurie :)
take care of yourself!

Lara said...

Great LOs! Hope the surgery goes well!

jo said...

Yay for getting your scrap on! They're all really beautiful LOs! I miss scrapping with you!

Love the "Thank You God..." LO title... Might have to lift that too! :)

Good luck with your surgery! I'll keep you in my prayers! :)

island girl said...

So good to see you scrapping again!! It has to feel good!!

I'll be thinkin' about you during your surgery! I know all will go well!! Hugs!

mesogoofy2 said...

Just wanted to say good luck today, I'm thinking of you!!!!!!

BlessedDaily! said...

awesome LO's Laurie.

sylvia said...

loving your layouts!! glad to see you scrapping!!!

Kent said...

These are awesome layouts!! Don't let the clutter get to you - it does for me but you are doing great with the creativity!!