Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Regular TV Season Might be Over....

But there are a ton of shows just starting their new seasons! Thank goodness for mindless television to keep my occupied while I'm a little more homebound than normal.

Shows I'm Watching:
The Real Estate Pros -TLC
Army Wives -Lifetime
The Starter Wife -USA
Hells Kitchen -Fox
Last Comic Standing -NBC
Big Love -HBO
American Inventor -ABC
Big Brother -coming soon to CBS!

Thank goodness for good summer TV!!


erin said...

ok when exactly you have time for all this i just don't know! i'm good with *so you think you can dance* for all summer long!

oh- i have krista's class kit for you. when are you at suzy's next?

Mrs. L said...

Loving 'Army Wives'. Also have Tivo'd 'Jake From Cincinnati' which I haven't watched yet.

Anonymous said...

i am missing watching tv, but i am getting lots done!

i am looking forward to big brother :)


jo said...

Tivo is the BEST! I'm currently loving all the cooking shows - Hell's Kitchen, Top Chef and Next Food Network Star! :)

Kent said...

Ha ha - we are watching some of the same shows. We watch Real Estate Pros but also a bunch more house flipping shows. I can tell you their names if you want. Amercican Inventor we started but couldn't find the other episodes. Hell's kitchen - my son said - He says "Beep" way to much. Last comic standing - can't find more of the episodes and why oh why do they have Ant on the panel?! Yeah Big Brother is coming. Such mindless stuff that we can't get enough of! We've also gotten hooked on Anthony Bourdain - No reservations on the travel channel.