Sunday, July 08, 2007

Lucky 7-7-07 was Scrapalicious!!!

So, while everyone was planning their lucky 07-07-2007 to have babies born that day, buy lotto tickets, and get married. It never even dawned on me that there was any odd significance to this day until about 3 days before. Without even thinking about the actual date, I was convinced to spend my Saturday scrapping by Erin and Janice. Still not realizing the date when I signed myself up 2 weeks ago. Little did I know that it would be the best way to spend my day!! After a rough start to the day...Little J had an appointment in the morning and trying to get my stuff together, it turned out to be so productive and relaxing for me! I used quite a bit from my stash and I was so happy with the end product!!! Lucky Me!!! I should have known that it would be a lucky day when my new kit club products arrived too!!! So, are you ready for the next lucky day of this century? If you were to write dates out in the European fashion, you would find that today would be 09-07-2007. So the next lucky day of this century will be....
20-07-2007!!! Apparently just as many people in Europe are getting married, trying to have babies and such on this other lucky day of this year!!! So, I'm making plans to scrap again!! LOL!!! Actually, I don't know what I'm planning, but I'm going to try and put a little thought into the plans of this other lucky day of the year. Maybe I'll buy a lotto ticket? Gotta find something fun to do with the family!

Back to scrapping for a minute....See the heart on the top layout (inside the flower), the little embellishment that says "cutie" on the second layout and the stars on the bottom layout? Can you tell how sparkly they are? I have become addicted to this stuff called Stickles by Ranger. OMG!! It is so easy to use and it can make anything look like bling!!! I've used it on the rubber pieces you see here. In a previous post I posted a layout called Beautiful You and I used the stickles on the flower. Lvoe how it made the flower look all glittery!!! Okay, so that's my product plug for the day.

Almost time to feed Princess J and watch some Big Brother After Dark on Showtime.

Have a great day!!!


erin yamabe said...

so blessed to call you MY friend girlie!!!
you go with your mojo-stickles-lovin-new-kenny-song-sharin self!!!

bruinbr said...

love these lo's! I have to use the BIG pictures more often :)
ALso loved the info on 20-07-2007 :) I'm not european, but i love little factoids like that! :P

Sandie said...

Fantastic layouts!! Had never even thought about lucky dates till I read this!

Allison Davis said...

Great pages!!! I love the picture on the "Pure Love" cute!!

Suzy West said...

Hey there chickie! I had so much fun for you on the 7th!!!!! Your layouts came out so beautiful!!

Mrs.L said...

Great layouts Laurie...and no, didn't get married, didn't play lotto, didn't birth no babies and didn't even scrap on 7-7-7!!

Michelle said...

Laurie your layouts are gorgeous! What a fun way to spend the lucky day!

jo said...

good for you for getting your scrap on! A lucky day indeed! :)

I've got Stickles but I need to know what to use them on... How long do they take to dry? Do I use a lot or a little? So confusing! *lol*

Rebecca said...

How fun! Congrats on using your stash :)

Great layouts, btw I *heart* the backyardigans too (I watch it all by myself shhh- don't tell anyone k?) LOL

mesogoofy2 said...

Love these layouts you did!!!! Am so jealous. I can't wait til I can have some time to scrap again!!!!

Love Ya!

jackie carl said...

I came across your blog via Nitty.Gritty a few days ago. I hope you don't mind me posting.

Noticed your LOVE for Kenny Chesney and just wanted to say that I am going to his concert tonight ! Can't wait !
I have seen him im concert the past 4 years in a row....this will be 5 ! Always so fun !

Have a good day & BTW, your kids are beautiful !

Jackie Carl
Marion, IN

Kent said...

Great layouts Laurie! I have been using Stickles more now too - all because I sitting with Rocio at the last scrap event I went to. It's addicting!

Wow - Big Brother 8 is something this time huh? I feel like I am back in highschool again when I watch it. Ugh some of those girls are SO annoying!! But of ocurse I'll keep watching it!