Sunday, July 22, 2007

That's Funny!

Princess J is growing so fast!!! I can't believe how big she's getting and how her personality is emerging more and more every day! Lately, she loves to have very long conversations. They are so fun, listening to her "talk" to us in her baby babble! She loves to chat and when you chat back with her, she throws in those cute little smiles and lots of laughing! So stinkin' cute.....even at 2 in the morning!!! Friday, Little J had an appointment at Children's Hospital for a check up. Princess J had awakened at midnight for some food. She went back to sleep rather quickly and let me tell you I was so happy, as there would be no sleeping in for me if we were gonna get to that appointment on time! Well, Princess J decides that 2 am would be a good time to wake up and have a conversation and tell me a few stories. That little girl cried until I picked her up, and when I did, she was all smiles and ready for a chat. She did her incessant babble for an entire hour! She finally had enough at 3 am!!! Needless to say, I didn't run and grab the camera at 3 am, but I did manage to get her in action having a go at Daddy!!! I was so stinkin' tired, but I couldn't help enjoying the chat we had!


Anonymous said...

i can't wait for moments like this!Krista

erin said...

LOVE those moments!

bruinbr said...

hehehe! love that you two have "chats"! and thanks for having those fantastic challenges!You're awesome! :)