Monday, December 10, 2007


I think Princess J has figured out that mommy will always have the camera out. At first she was not too cooperative, but now she is hammin' it up. Today, Princess J went to her first birthday party (Happy Birthday 1st Nathan!). We've figured out that she will like cotton candy (she couldn't take her eyes off of the cotton candy making machine), she will like lumpia (she tried to steal one off of mommy's plate), she's willing to share (she offered up her binky to the birthday boy), and she does not like clowns (a hello from the clown got loud wailing and screaming). So here are a few shots of her dressed and ready to go to her first party.


cheerful cropper said...

she is a ham...a really cute ham! love her outfit :)

erin said...

omg how cute is she and this outfit???

Anonymous said...

what a cutie!!! she is getting so big!!! :)


bruinbr said...

how adorable is that outfit!? what gorgeous pics!