Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Where have we been?

Actually the question should be where haven't we been? Things have been super busy here, but then again I think they always are super busy. I'm looking forward to the Christmas holiday to sit back and relax a little. In the last couple of weeks, we've been to 3 doctor appointments, registered Little J for school, had meetings to put together his education plan, said goodbye to two great therapists, changed our daily schedule a bit, scrapped a little, cleaned a little, celebrated an 8 month birthday, celebrated a 3 year birthday and had a first day of school! Wow!

We took this photo the morning of Little J's first day of school! He was loving his big boy backpack!!! He turned 3 on Saturday and was off to big boy school that first Monday! I still look at him though and see my little baby boy! His first day of school went really well. He could have cared less that Princess J and I left. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure he really cared that we came back to get him. He was having so much fun with his teachers and his new classmates! Apparently he was quite excited to play in the playgoround during recess too! Can't wait to see him in action there! He seems to be ready to get up and go every morning now. Before going to school, he would wake up around 7:30 am and kind of lounge around in bed until 8am. Now, he's awake at 6:30 and ready to be out of bed by 7 am! He didn't get to go today, because he had another appointment that we couldn't change, and I think he was a bit disappointed.

Princess J is 8 months old now! I cannot even believe it! Her little personality is definately coming out. She loves to scream just to hear her own voice! Her favorite is that high pitched scream for sure. She makes lots of faces from pouty to worried. Of course my favorite are her sweet smiles. I think she's happy that Little J is in school during the morning. She and I had so much fun on Monday going to Barnes and Noble and reading some stories. We also hit Babies "R" Us to pick up a few things for Little J. The cutest thing though was that we walked up to the Starbucks counter inside Barnes and Noble and the cashier said "Hi" and Princess J repeated it back! We haven't heard it again yet, but she's definately beginning to form a few words. It was nice not having to haul the stroller out, since she loves to walk around in the Baby Bjorn! I miss Little J while he's in school, but I know he's well taken care of and having a good time, so I am enjoying my alone time with Princess J! I can't wait to get her signed up for some baby and me classes.

I love these photos of Little J and Princess J. I can't wait to get them printed and do some more scrapping. I have been totally inspired and have so many cool ideas in my head....along with all the things that Rocio enabled be to buy that I really want to scrap. Now, I just need to find the time.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday little j! how exciting for big boy school, congratulations!
princess j is just beautiful! cannot wait to have our baby playdate soon!


cheerful cropper said...

happy to have you back bloggin'! you've been busy! i invited you to join bay area tiny tots...they have a full calendar all over the map. i am so jealous of your scrappin' day next wed!!! i will see you then :)

Suzy West said...

Hey there girlie! Love these photos of the kiddos!!
Josh looks so cute with his little backpack! how cute!!!
I had so much fun with you and the princess the other day. She was so adorable!!!