Monday, December 31, 2007

A visit with Santa.......poor Santa!

So, we spent the Christmas holiday with G's family in Redmond, Oregon. One of the things I had planned to get done before we left was the Santa photos. Unfortunately, I didn't get it done, so while on holiday, we had to trek out in the snow to get this right of passage done for the little ones. It turned out to be lots of fun....even with a little mischeivious Little J and a not so happy to meet Santa Princess J.

Little J went first, we thought maybe if Princess J saw him with Santa, she might be okay with it. Little J put on quite a show for all the onlookers as he took his Santa photo. First, Little J yanked on Santa's beard. Thankfully, that stayed put. His hat however was not so fortunate. Little J was able to get Santa's hat completely off! Little J was quite excited to hear all of his fans laughing and clapping for him. Once we got him under control and the giggle fest was over, we got a great photo!

Next, Princess J was up to the plate. At first she looked at Santa with wide eyed astonishment, and then she turned her face to the camera and started screaming! Then she stopped momentarily to look at Santa once again and then the screaming started once again and the tear flow was quite abundant. The photographer did a great job capturing the looks at Santa and then the screaming. We opted to go with the crying photo, was priceless.

All in all, my little ones gave Santa quite a run for his money. Thankfully, Santa was one awesome guy and so sweet and kind to both my little ones even with their mischevious behavior!

Thanks Santa!


erin said...

welcome back girlie!!! so happy to see your posts again with your beautiful little ones!!!

Anonymous said...

great pics and story to scrap:)