Sunday, January 13, 2008

How Much is Too Much?

Things have been crazy since the beginning of the year. We've definately been put to the test of staying calm, cool and collected around here. Weve come through pretty well, but there are a few scratches that need to heal. In all the craziness around here, it became necessary to move my scrapbook area. OH MY HECK!!!! I have way to much freakin' stuff! In moving my scrapbook stuff, I am finding out just how much I have. I started out this year with the resolution to give up soda. It was either soda or Starbucks...and well, I just love my Starbucks too much. Anyway, after working on my scraproom and working on organizing everything, I have decided that I need to resolve to scrap more and use up this stuff. I can tell you that right now...I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF! Is there a Scrappers Anonymous somewhere? I need to go to a meeting 7 days a week! I am shocked and overwhelmed by the magnitude of my stuff! So, here is my soon as my room is done and my house is put back in order, I am going to start working on using up this crazy stash. My first plan is to pull out all the stuff I know I am not going to use and sell it either on Craigslist or at our Garage Girl garage Sale the first weekend in February. I will post the date and time in a later post. The exact details of this event escape me at the moment. Then, I need to come up with a plan on my layout and project goals for the year and what exactly I am going to allow myself to buy. I should probably not buy anything except for cardstock and adhesive, but I know that will be impossible for me. So, if your interested stay tuned for more on that front. Oh and by the way, if you know me, then don't give me a hard time about my stash either.....(you know who you are!)

In other news, Little J is back in school and readjusting to his schedule and work. His therapies are all in place and he is doing well overall. We had a few breakthrough seizures, but medication seems to have controlled them quickly. Princess J started her first week of classes at The Little Gym. It's the end of the current semester, so she's definately the youngest in the class, but in two weeks we start a new semester and I'm sure there will be more kids at her level. Since it's been awhile since I posted, here are some of the things Princess J has accomplished in the last few months.

She's been crawling for awhile now.
Using her walker, she loves to walk around the house and explore and she runs with abandon!
She pulls up to her knees.
She pulls up to a stand.
She cruises along furniture!!!! (this is a new skill this week!)
She gives kisses to mommy and daddy.
She comes to you when you call her. (If she feels like it!)
She claps! (She clapped for the first time today!)
She says mama, dada, and HI!
She waves!
She's got mommy wrapped around her little finger.

Her 9 month checkup was just last week, and she is growing healthy and strong!


Suzy West said...

Looks like you'v been busy!!!
I'm sure you are excited your flood problem is all over. So glad you guys got that taken care of.
It's incredible how J is growing up so fast. Both of them are. WOW!

erin said...

too much? really- i thought collecting first was still an option LOL

cheerful cropper said...

i wanna see your stash! i don't think i have anything to sell this time, but i wanna come look at your stuff!! :)

island girl said... move on giving up the soda vs. Bucks...

and i hear ya on the way too much stuff....i'm a victim too!!

so glad to hear Little J is doing well...!!

mesogoofy2 said...

hey chica! Just wanted to say hi and let you know I'm still alive....I've been working some CRAZY hours but I love my new job so that's a good thing. Let me know if you find a scrappers anonymous...I too have way too much scrap stuff ha ha!!!! It's taking over my "crapbook room" as my husband likes to call it LOL!!!!

Tell everyone I said hi...I haven't been to Suzy's in AGES!!!!!!

Mrs. L said...

Um, yeah, that to much scrap stuff thing...I think I need a 12 step program too!

kent said...

I am hoping we both sell all our extra scrapping stuff!!