Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Little Fun, A Few Photos, A Little Help, and A Prayer Request.

So, I've been trying very hard to get new photos of the kiddos, but they have been pretty uncooperative in that department. Hopefully this coming week we can get some good ones. I have an outing planned for the 3 of us for some summer fun, so wish me luck with that! Princess J, is kind of a ham, so I had her out on the lawn playing and she did decide that it might be fun to pose for a couple of photos with the leaf she discovered. She didn't want to let go of that leaf for anything! She ran around with it the whole time we were outside and was pretty irritated when we took it away to go inside. Let's just say the neighbors within a 5 block radius knew she was mad....this girl can SCREAM! LOL!

We've been enjoying the local Farmer's Market lately too! Every Saturday we've been there tasting great fruit and stocking up on fresh fruit, fresh pastries, and fresh flowers! I love having fresh flowers in the house! It's really true that fresh beautiful flowers really do brighten up a day! The vendor there who sells flowers is very friendly and generous with her bouquets. A few weeks ago I had bought a bouquet for our table at Safeway that was $8.99 plus tax. When I got it home, the flowers were beautiful, but the bouquet outside of it's wrapping looked a little meager. The Farmers Market vendor sells her bouquets for between $5 and $10. I generally buy the $7 bouquet, and it really put the Safeway one to shame. Not only is it much fuller, but the colors are extra vibrant. I will try to take a photo of our current bouquet. If you haven't taken the time to visit your local Farmer's Market, it's well worth the time! Not only do you get fresh fruits, veggies and handcrafted items, but you also support local farmers, businesses and your community. Ours also has musical entertainment with different music artists each week Little J really enjoys this! Sometimes, if we go later in the day, I bring a snack for the kids and a Starbucks for me and we sit and enjoy the community, the weather and the music. Watching Little J smile and enjoy the music is tons of fun! Must remember to take my camera and actually take some photos at the next Saturday!

I thought I had our September schedule all planned out. I had signed Princess J up for the fall semester at Little Gym, so once school started for Little J, we would be off to her favorite place. Sadly, I just got a letter today, that the nearest one that we've been going to is closing at the end of next week. Anyone have any recomendations for some Mommy and Me classes for us? Princess J has really loved the gymnastics element of Little Gym. I have really seen her get brave and try new things, and this girl loves to tumble! We're open to almost anything though, I want to find something that is just for her. With Little J's therapies and such, I want to make sure that Princess J has activities that just revolve around her and what she loves to do. I also want to see her explore the world in ways that sometimes we just can't do with Little J.

I have a prayer request too! If you could keep my friend Krista (I'd link you to her blog, but it's private) in your prayers. She and her family are going through a rough time right now and could use a little lifting up in prayer. Hugs to you Krista! We are praying for you and your family right now for comfort and peace with everything going on!


erin said...

laurie- your little princess j is truly beautiful! i love that photo of her with her lil curl showing and her hand in her hair. super cute!
we love the little gym. please come to ours! the owners own three of them, so i doubt they are closing anytime soon. we're about 20 minutes in drive from PMP.
check out your community center classes. ours has gymnastics, toddler/parent preschool classes, dance, sign language, etc.
good luck.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Such cute pics! And too funny about the leaf! :) We'll be praying for Krista and her family.

Mrs. L said...

Cute photos of your little one, she's growing up so fast.

I've been going to the Farmers Market almost every Sunday all summer. Loving the fresh fruit (what I buy most of). Been experimenting a bit on some of the veggies. And I always give a buck to whatever the daily entertainer is!