Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Super Frustrated!

This post will be short and sweet and I promise to post something more fun later. I am so frustrated with the order for Little J's activity chair. This has been an ongoing process since October of last year! Ugh!

First, we had to get a prescription which was relatively simple, then we had to pick out the right chair for Little J and thankfully we were able to test this one out at home for a few weeks before we made a choice.

We selected the chair and waited and waited and waited. I was then told we were waiting for word from our insurance company. I called them and they told me they were waiting for additional information from the provider.....all they wanted was the prescribing doctors name and phone number. They had been waiting for this information for 2 weeks! So I gave them that info and waited some more.

Finally, I get a letter telling me they are denying the request, because it's too much of a chair for Little J's needs. We file for arbitration and our doctors, therapists and us write new letters explaining why we are selecting this chair and why it is the best one for Little J's needs. Two weeks later, we get a letter saying they have reviewed our request and will approve it! Yay!

The information goes back to the provider and now we had to wait for our local regional center to approve payment of the 10% not covered by our insurance. About 3 weeks later, we get a call that the payment has been approved and they will send out the approval to the provider ASAP.

The provider get the approval from our local regional center and you think all would be good and they could order the stinkin' chair right? NO! Now they need to get an extension on approval from our insurance company and now we are WAITING AGAIN! Ugh!!!!

Once they get this extension they say they will try and expedite the order, but in general it takes 6 to 8 weeks to get the chair. That will be OCTOBER! OY! A whole year to get medical equipment that our little one really needs to be comfy and safe.

Thankfully, a family that we are friends with who also has a daughter with special needs had a chair that their daughter grew out of, so while it's not the perfect chair for Little J, at least he's safe.


Tayde said...

OH no...that is sooo frustrating, I hear ya!!!! UGHHHHHHHHHHHH!
On another note...I got your comment on the sad the things I post about huh....But yes, I'm with ya, I'm not a big fan of team speidi....geeshhhhh, seriously in such a big city and with so many wonderful people out there, who would put up with Spencer...oh wait Heidi would, his lil puppet! looks like it's going to be a fun season....oh yes, the things I do to pass my time because I miss my hubby terribly....I love this good MTV drama! I was so into the hills last nite, I completely forgot about Jo and Slade on Bravo...but Jo is just getting sooo boring, I didn't even care:) what a silly girl I am, how old am I? 34? heheeee!well anyways, smile and hang in there girlie-super mommy!

emelyn said...

UGH!! I"m so sorry you have to go through this. Why can't the insurance companies know when kids need something...they really DO! I'm glad Little J has something temporary right now..HUGS, girl!! Just know that you are doing such a fantastic job, Mom!!

Kent said...

That sucks! Hey I know a lawyer - you want her to write a nasty letter? She like doing that! :-)

Patyrish said...

Girl it's just TOTALLY ridiculous the hoops they make us jump through. Sometimes I really wonder who the hell comes up with the "process" of getting these things for our kids. It's like they make it as hard and as annoying as they can in the hopes we will give up so they don't have to pay.


Don't get me started! :-)