Monday, November 10, 2008

San Diego....Al a Carte!

This was a quick trip to San Diego. Not much time for fun, since we had lots of appointments today and a few more tomorrow before we head home.
Little J has done really well down here. He is such a trooper! He had to be at his first appointment at 7:30 this morning and his last appointment didn't end until 2:30pm. They've taken blood, tons of vitals, asked lots of questions and poked and proded Little J to no end. Tomorrow will be a little more of the same. For those of you who don't know, Little J is participating in a couple of studies at Children's Hospital in San Diego. One has been a suppliment study and the other is just a natural history study for Angelman Syndrome. With such a rare disorder, I think it's important (as long as it's not medically risky) for Little J to participate in the quest to find a cure and treatments. While I'm not expecting miracles, there isn't anything wrong with hoping for them. Some of you donated to Little J's walk-a-thon team and this is where the money goes. To research and studies to help find a cure!
The airplane photos are of our flight out of Oakland. Little J was a bit of a wildman on the plane. He quickly figured out how to undo his seatbelt and he made my drink fly in the air when he kicked my tray! Crazy kiddo! There is also this cool ball contraption in the waiting room at Children's Hospital, Little J was fascinated by it. We actually sat there watching it for 30 or 40 minute, so not like Little J! This hospital is huge and it's getting bigger as well! Inside the main hospital is a McDonald's! There is also a Starbucks and a Quiznos inside one of the nearby satelite medical offices. Wow! If only Children't Hospital Oakland had all of that!
After our appointments, Little J and I went back to the hotel room, where he tried various times to escape from our room! If I hadn't locked the deadbolt, Little J would have been racing down the hallway!
Tomorrow we have a few more appointments and then we head to the airport for our flight home. I can't wait to get home and see my hubby and Princess J! This is the very first time I've been away from her since she was born, and I've missed her little face and sassy attitude.


cheerful cropper said...

what a tavelin' trooper!! was it just you and him? if so, what a fun mommy and son bonding trip!

emelyn said...

Awww! Little J is such a cutie. So proud oh him!!