Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Rock Your Vote!!!

What an exciting day for our country! They say there will be a record number of voters across the country! Regardless of who wins, today will be a milestone in history. I made sure my little ones were decked out today to remind everyone they came in contact with to participate! What an amazing opportunity we are given to vote and voice our opinions on the direction of our country! We are blessed to live in the United States, to have brave soldiers that risk their lives to serve our country and fight for all the rights we are given and to be able to have a voice in how our country is run. Make sure you are taking advantage of your opportunity to make you voice heard! GO VOTE!

If you don't vote, then as my dad used to tell me, when things don't go as you think they should, you don't have any right to complain. So, for the sake of the future of our country, the future of all of us and especially, the future of our children....GO VOTE!


Lara said...

Very cool shirts!

cheerful cropper said...

i voted! and man, it felt good! those shirts are adorable!!