Saturday, December 20, 2008

{Catch Up!}

Wow! Time sure has flown by since my last update. Sorry to those of you who look forward to photos of the kiddos daily. Life has been outta control lately! Everyone in the house had been sick. It just seemed to get passed around from Little J, to me, to Princess J and to daddy and then seemed to start all over again. Yikes! Little J ended up getting some antibiotics, since he had a fever and was sick, got well and then got a fever all over again. His pediatrician said that it could either be a whole new illness or the original one getting more complicated so we played it safe and got the antibiotics. We were suprised to look through his file and find that this is the first time he's ever had any. Wow! What a healthy kid. Awesome blessing.

After Little J ended up being sick on the day we had planned his class party, we got him back to school and had his party. It was soooo much fun! I just love all his aides and teachers! All the kids in his class are just so stinkin' cute too! Just love them!

We've been in Christmas prep overload around here too. Trying to get all the pressies ready for the kiddos. Princess J is fascinated with all the decorations and all the crowds at the mall. I can't wait to see her open presents on Christmas!!!

We also got our visit to Santa in too! Those photos deserve their own post, so you'll have to wait just a little longer to see these great photos!

As of today, we are officially done with our major Christmas shopping. The last few things we need are at the grocery store, so I'm not counting that. I'm so glad to be done! Now we're just anxiously awaiting for Grandma and Grandpa Wells to come join us this week. Hopefully the weather will allow them to get her as planned on Monday. Yay!

Tomorrow, I think I'm gonna bake some cookies and do a little creating.....

Enjoy all the photos!

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