Sunday, December 21, 2008


Yay for successful Santa visits!!! Little J was invited by the UCP of Golden Gate (United Cerebral Palsy) to attend their annual holiday party. What a shindig that was! I took my camera, but didn't even get one photo taken...I know shame on me! Anyway, they had gifts for the kids, lots of food, lots of activities and Santa photos for the children invited to the event. Little J was head over heals for the Raiderettes that were there as well. Everytime one of them would walk by us, he would giggle really loud and put on all the charm he could muster. I think she might have had a little crush on him too, because she made sure to talk to him everytime she came by! So super sweet! I have a photo of Little J with the Raiderettes, but of course instead of looking at the camera, Little J is staring at the girls. LOL!!!

Since Little J had his photo taken with Santa at the party, while he was in school during the week we took Princess J for her visit to the mall. I was totally expecting her to scream just like last year. She was too adorable though. She let me put her on his lap, and she just kept looking at him. She then started putting her hands in front of her face like she was hiding from all of us. It was so stinkin' cute. Then Santa pulled her hands down and held them and sang "itsy bitsy spider" with her. The ladies taking the photos somehow made her laugh and they were able to capture her little smile just perfectly.

(I'll have to figure out how to fix the size of Little J's photo, so look for an update later)


cheerful cropper said...

these are just precious pics, laurie! i love the story about lil j adn the raideretes!

Kent said...

What a great Santa photo!