Monday, December 01, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Little J!

WOW!!! I cannot believe that Little J is actually a 4 year old! While I can't remember life without him, it still feels like yesterday that I brought him home. It's been a wild and crazy 4 years with lots of ups and downs. We've been through so much with Little J in the last 4 years, that it seems like a lifetime.

Little J is such an amazing blessing. He is the purest heart and happiest boy you will ever meet. He has shown us the true meaning of unconditional love, perserverance, and never giving up.

We kept his birthday today pretty low key. He went back to school today and had his usual therapy appointment. His class made him a birthday card and we'll be having a birthday party in his class for him on Friday. At home, we made his favorite meal, Spiderman macaroni and cheese and Mickey Mouse Chicken Nuggets. Then he got his ice cream cake. He was all over that and enjoyed it.......a bunch! He enjoyed it so much, he needed a bath afterwards! Princess J isn't as fond of the macaroni and cheese dinner, but she loved the cake! :D


Colleen said...

Happy Birthday Little J!

The days go by so oldest is 7 and it feels like she was just a baby!

emelyn said...

Happy Happy Birthday, sweetie!! I can remember when you were a little tiny baby and we went to lunch with, so long ago!! We are very proud of you and all that you have accomplished...WTG, Josh!!!
May all your wishes come true!!

Lara said...

Happy 4th Birthday, Little J!

Tayde said...

Happy bday buddy, OHHHH I'm loving the mickey nuggets, i've seen them before in the freezer doors, but now I think I MUST HAVE EM!!! yummo!!! also I played catch up with your blog and I love all the pretty & precious pix :) wow, the photo shoot pix are just darling of your precious princess! I LOVE LOVE PIX!!! You have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy your beautiful family, you're very much blessed!!! smiles from yuma, az!

Mrs. L said...

Happy Belated Birthday Little J! (and those Mickey Mouse Chicken Nuggets are adorable!)

al said...

Happy Bday Little J :)

Geesh I can't believe it's been 4 years! Where has the time gone?

You're an awesome boy...with a pretty awesome family. Keep up the good work.

Kent said...

Great to see you at the Santa's helper day! Great photos and love the one of him with blue icing!

cheerful cropper said...

happy birthday lil j!!! you have come so far and you are such a brave, happy lil boy!!