Sunday, August 30, 2009


After a stock up trip to Costco, Princess J showed off her expert skill at opening doors. She took a quick peek into the pantry and stole her new favorite item. She was initially very stealthy and hauled this huge

box all the way to her room without anyone noticing. It was when she became giddy with excitment that we figured her out. Perfect opportunity for a photo shoot and to catch her little cheezer smile!


Tayde said...

not only is she precious, but I would surely share some cheez its with that girl! that is a must in our home also! PLUS, I love the princess bed, how sweet is that!:)

emelyn said...

haha! too the bottom photo she is posing like, what's up. yay, check me out and my big ol' box of cheezits! haha!!

you've got sneaky girl on your hands!!

Anonymous said...

Laurie, I just wanted to say, I love this picture.

I have been checking for updates for quite awhile now and haven't seen any. Just wondering if Little J, Princess J, Baby J, and you are doing well? I hope that you are all busy enjoying life and that you are just to busy to blog.

Your'e all in my prayers.

Thanks, Keely