Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday ol' Blog!

Who knew! Life has changed so much since I started this ol' blog! Little J was almost a year old when I started this and who knew all the life changing things we would go through just eight months later! Since I started this blog, Little J was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome, he's started and finished pre-school and will soon start kindergarten. I'm glad I had this blog when our family went through that very difficult period after Little J was diagnosed. It's been very helpful to be able to talk about everything from his amazing accomplishments, the diagnosis, the difficulties that Little J faces and just his smiling little face. We also welcomed Princess J to our family and she has just been an amazing gem! She is so stinkin' cute and so stinkin' smart and just one little pistol of a drama queen little girl. We also welcomed Baby J just a couple of weeks ago!

I'm so happy with my sweet little family of 5 and hope you will continue to follow our adventures in this joyful life of ours....with a little drama on the side sometimes! LOL!

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emelyn said...

Happy happy blog anniversary, Laurie!! I'm glad to see your recent posts! And LOL...we are so the same...with 3 J's!!