Thursday, August 13, 2009

Heart Attack at the Zoo!

Today, Grandma, Grandpa, Little J, Princess J, Baby J and I headed for a day at the zoo. Since Baby J arrived, the kids have been pretty cooped up in the house as we settle into a new normal. Today, we had to get the kiddos out of the house and test the waters out in the world.

What a great day we had! We got to see lots of animals and we were pretty impressed with the Oakland Zoo. I can't even remember the last time I was there, but I'm sure I probably paid the kids admission fee! LOL!

Princess J loved the River Dog, the Giraffes and the Elephants. Baby J was a trooper and was soooo good! He made it so easy for mommy! He enjoyed the fresh air and snoozed as we strolled around and entertained Little J and Princess J. He even slept through their lunch and woke wanting to be fed just as we were all finishing up our lunches! What a perfect baby!

You'll notice the extra photo of Princess J and she doesn't look happy!

We tried giving her a few opportunities to be out of the stroller and check things out. I really was trying to get a photo of her with the Giraffes, but as I've posted before, she has one speed......FAST! She took off running down the path so fast! We had to reign her in and put her back in the stroller. This did not make her happy in the least. She got over it pretty quick and when we gave her freedom again to check out the lions she was pretty good about sticking close to Grandma or mommy. So good about holding hands and everything!

As we were preparing to leave, Grandma decided to get the kiddos some shirts for their visit at the zoo. We left Little J and Baby J out in the strollers in the shade with Grandpa and too Princess J inside to the gift shop. She was having a great time checking out all the stuffed animals, the books and the animal figures. She was being soooo good about staying put and holding hands and just being a good little princess in general. Then, something caught her eye and she took off running faster than a speeding bullet! I followed in the direction she went calling out her FULL name and by that I mean First, Middle and Last! The only problem is she was no where to be seen! Thankfully, Grandma caught her coming around another corner! She pretty much did a circle around me from the direction she initially went. I was sooooo SUPER FREAKED OUT! Needless to say, she got into big trouble and her freedom was over. From now on, I can guarantee that my kid will be one of those kiddos with the "backpack leash" attached to her!
In case you are wondering about the second photo of Princess J, she is imitating the elephants! It is soooo stinkin' cute!


Mrs. L said...

Such a quite photo of the new little one.

jo said...

OMG! How scary for you! Jonah would have been like Princess J too - taking off everywhere! We've got a backpack leash and I'm SO not afraid to use it!

Tayde said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh he's precious! Your baby looks soooo sweet and I bet he smells soooo good!;) wowsers, the kiddos are growing up sooo fast! And they are just as precious as ever! I had to go to Krista's OLD blog to find ya, I'm going to "follow" you so it's easier to find ya:) take it easy mommie!:) you are soooo blessed with your beautiful children!:)

emelyn said...

OMG!! I've had a few instances like that. We've lost Jordan TWICE! Once when he just turned 2 @ an outlet mall in SD and another time around 7 or so @ the store in CA Adventures! It's crazy scary and thank GOD someone helped him both times and not a freakoid!!