Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Golden Arches.....

This little girl is such a crack up these days. The things that come out of her mouth and her imagination are HILARIOUS!
She started attending preschool in March and just amazes me! Her teacher has been really impressed with everything she understands and demonstrates in class and how quickly she catches on to things. We are so proud of her! Her speech and vocabulary are growing by leaps and bounds...she's turning into a real chatty girl!
Recently she made a candlestick and a spider in her class (reminder for me to take a photo of them). They used them to act out Jack Be Nimble and Little Miss Muffet. It was too cute! Now, I love saying these rhymes with her and having her fill in most of the important words. I love her 3 year old way of saying "curds and whey", "Miss Muffet", "Nimble" and especially "over my candlestick". I can't get enough and I know I'm driving her crazy asking her over and over. I keep trying to record it, but it's not turning out....I will keep trying as long as she'll let me!
This girl is in LOVE with McDonalds! During Josh's T-Ball season, we've been having it once a week, which is far more often than they usually get it. Since we don't have our normal T-Ball schedule this week, I decided to get her McDonalds for lunch today. Later this afternoon, she takes one of the kitchen table chairs and lines it up with her two small table chairs like a car and she pretends she's driving....she turns around and....
Princess J: I driving to McDonalds!
Me: Really? Are you almost there?
Princess J: Yeah!
Me: Could you get mommy some french fries while your there?
Princess J: I got it!
Me: You're back already?
Princess J: Yeah!
She gets out of her "car" and comes over to me pretending to carry french fries....
Princess J: French Fry! (While handing them to me)
Me: Did you bring any for Little J?
Princess J: No
Me: Could you give him some of mommy's?
Princess J: Ok...(as she takes some from me) she walks over to Little J and puts some on his tray.
Me: Did you bring some for Peanut J?
Princess J: No...too little.
Later playing with her blocks she built a little house and made a line of blocks along side it. She said it was McDonalds.....we're in trouble!

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