Thursday, May 27, 2010

Strike A Pose

It's not often that this little girl will pose for the camera, but on this day, she decided to rock her Backyardigans lunch box and her Hello Kitty sunglasses before school. She I've said before...HILARIOUS!!!! Everytime I snapped a shot, she would change her pose....and that sassy face! We were having so much fun I wanted to keep her home from school that day....but just as quickly as she became a supermodel....she turned into an All done diva!
More coming soon on Little J and Peanut J!


RiNNE said...

She is so gorgeous!! And will be a successful model, that mini-mestiza of yours!! :)

When do we get to see some TGF creations?

Tayde said...

what a 'divalicious' lil girlie! I love these pix!:)