Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I just need to vent!

I am getting so frustrated right now. I joined a circle journal group back in March of 2004. We didn't start sending our journals out until April. Around May, I found out I was pregnant with little J, thus my lack of energy which got me behind in completing some of the circle journals in a timely fashion. So, I got behind. Well, by July I think, I was all caught up, and things were rolling. I had warned my fellow circle journalers that come December, it might take me a little longer to complete my journal assignment for that month, since little J was due to make his appearance. There was no problem. I think I was about 3 weeks late getting this journal out, and then things were back on track. Meanwhile, I was not the only one getting behind. People were going MIA left and right. So, in July, a few of us started getting antsy to find out the progress of the journals and started sending check-in emails. We still were not hearing from a few of our group members. Then, we finally get a post from one of the MIA journalers. She posts that she received my album back in December...(UM HELLO! It's July!) She says that she decided to hang on to it, because I was behind at the time, and she wanted to make sure I got things going again...(UM HELLO AGAIN! I let the group know I would be delivering a baby! Sorry I didn't take the CJ to the hospital and complete it in the labor room!) Anyway, I let the comment slide, because I knew she had some personal things that took her attention away from the group and she seemed to feel bad that she'd had it so long, and she was going to get it moving again in a couple of weeks. Well, here we are in December, and SHE STILL HAS IT! Along with 2 other journals. Now, I'm getting freaking mad! Now, one of the gals in the group, just wants her journal back, and wants to be done. While I completely understand this, it sucks, because she is an amazing artist, and I really wanted to see her work in my album! It sucks, because my album will not be complete, but this CJ holder will have everyone's work. Also, I finally posted to the group that I was upset about her comments back in July, but let it slide at the time, but now that my journal has been in her care for a year, I just had to vent a bit. It just sucks! Thankfully, I'm in a CJ with some other gals I know, and things are going great with that one. Thanks for reading my long rant! I promise something more fun and uplifting tomorrow!


island girl said...

CJ groups are good and bad all at the same time!! I'm so sorry to hear this, I just got a CJ back the other day from a group that started earlier in the's not even half completed!!! So I totally understand!! My current group rocks though!! Thank goodness!

Lara said...

I'm glad to be in the new CJ group...but I'm the loser that's so far behind. I PROMISE I'm getting the journals I have here off to England on Monday! :-)

I'm glad you're in our CJ group!!!!! I bet that lady in your other group was just having some issues and needed something/someone to blame.

mare said...

This has happened to be more than once! It's exactly the same reason why I lay low, it's one thing to be behind on my own work but when it depends on others? That's just inconsiderate!