Saturday, December 10, 2005

Santa in Switzerland!!!

While we were in Switzerland, they started their annual Christmas market. What an amazing experience! In town, they have lots of little chalets set up, with people selling everything from food to handmade goods to even some stamp supplies. The stamp supplies were the closest thing I got to scrapbooking the entire time we were there! Wow, was I going through withdrawls! Anyway, back to the Christmas market. They also have Santa's office. You take this train ride, which is about 1 hour, up this mountain, and at the top is this long tunnel you walk through, and at the end, is this amazing view, with a small area to have a beverage, and Santa's office. This was so much fun! Everyone there was so nice, and Santa was not busy at that time at all, so he spent time chatting with us, and little J was just in awe. I realize at 1, he really doesn't get the whole Santa thing, but he was smiling the entire time Santa was holding him, and even when we put him back in the stroller, he was just staring and smiling at Santa. I am so thankful, that we went ahead and purchased the photos they were selling there, as my camera broke, and the photos I took of little J with Santa did not turn out at all. I love the little smile on his face! Priceless!!


island girl said...

OMG...he is too freakin cute!! Look at that smile!! I'm so glad you had such a good time!

Rene said... did Joshie get so big?! Great photo Laurie. Where's the one with you on Santas lap?

sylvia said...

oh my gosh! what a precious photo!!! sooo cute! he's getting so big!!

Rebecca said...

LOVE this!!!