Thursday, December 15, 2005

I'm so lucky!

Okay, so yesterday was a day of venting. Today, I decided that there should be just happy talk! It is so amazing how fast little J is growing up. I was just looking at his photo with Santa compared to the one we had taken last year. WOW! What a huge difference! It really seems like I was just pregnant yesterday. The pictures here were taken in October, when we went for little J's first trip to the pumpkin patch. I love how the photos turned out! The only thing I wonder, is why, when I finally get to be in a photo with little J, and I like how I look, can't G take the photo when he's smiling? As you can see, I captured little J smiling with G! Oh well, I'm so lucky to have both of them.....I'm just happy :)


island girl said...

LOL!! Men...they just don't see the whole picture...don't they know we're going to scrap this!?!

sylvia said...

aw!!! what cute pictures!!! ha ha....funny, sounds like my hubby!!

Rebecca said...

How cute!!!! Love these pics and the smiles, just melt my heart!

cheerful cropper said...

hi laurie! i haven't been keeping up with my blog or any other's, but found some time and wanted to stop in and say hi!
i love all your photos! your lil j is too cute!! have a very merry christmas!