Friday, December 30, 2005

Where in the heck!

*I just had to share another picture of little J!*
Where did I get all the sCRAP! When we came back from Europe last month, it was a mad dash to plan little J's birthday party, and get ready for Christmas. Needless to say, my scraproom has suffered and looked like a disaster area. So, this week has been a clean and organize week for me. My scraproom is now clean enough to do something in again. I did however find that I HAVE A TON OF STUFF! My first New Year's resolution will be to go back on my spending challenge. Things were going so well for awhile, and then it all just fell apart! As I was going through my stash, I found so many things that I really want to put on some pages. The only problem with that, is that now all these ideas are jumbled up in my head and I'm having trouble putting them on to paper.

So, here are just a few of my resolutions as far as this scraping habit goes:
1. Use my stash!
2. Be more frugal in my buying. I have actually made great improvements in this area over the last year. Thanks to Stacey and Rebecca.
3. Be more productive! No more kits, unless I have a plan to use them!
4. Purge! Be ready for the next garage sale and get some of this stuff that I know I will never use outta here!
5. Back to the spending challenge!!!

1 comment:

island girl said...

you go girl! love your resolutions!

i am right there with you on the spending challenge...totally need to halt!!

have a great new year hon!