Sunday, September 07, 2008

Exhausting Week!

I can't believe it is September already! This blog has really suffered this last week or so. I had some photos to upload, but still can't get them off of the stupid card! Ugh!

This week has been full of adjustments and just being busy! Little J started school this week! I know the close up photo of him is washed out, but the smile on his face really shows how happy he was (and mommy too) to go back to school. He had a fun filled week with all new kids in his class. His little schedule is back in full swing with school every day and therapy twice a week. This week we also had the added bonus of a playdate for Little J. Little J played with fellow angel Little G. Little G's family is so wonderful! They were really our first contact in the Angelman Syndrome community. What a blessing they are to us to have so close. Little J and Little G played so well together, it was lots of fun. Little J had lots to "say" all the way home that night, and he "told" G all about it while getting ready for bed.
G has started working the new 12 hour shifts this week as well. It's nice to have a shorter week and have him home more days, but 12 hours is a long day! It's just going to take a little while to make it routine around the house.
It was really hard to get anything done this week, since it was so stinkin' HOT! OY! I think we really are a coastal family. We love sunshine, but the morning fog and chilly days are nice too.
This week has lots in store for us, and hopefully, I'll get those other photos off the stinkin' card by tomorrow.
More photos and fun to come!


erin said...

isn't it amazing how busy this time of year can get when we have little ones in our lives???

Lara said...

He's so cute - and getting so big! Glad he's so happy with school and his buddy, too!

cheerful cropper said...

man you are busy!!
i've missed your blog :(
zack works 12 hours day most days...wish he could get a couple extra days off!
i just love j's smile! so warm and bright!

emelyn said...

Awww...he looks so so happy!! I love that great big smile he has!

I can totally relate with the 12 hour shifts. It makes for really long days! But the days they are off are worth it!

Michelle T said...

OMG, Laurie, Little J is getting so big and everytime I see his big smile it brightens my day!