Thursday, September 18, 2008


Life has been exhausting lately. I just can't keep up with myself. I have a "to do" list that is at least a mile long, that does not seem to be getting any shorter. School is back in full swing and we're getting used to the new schedule for G.
My camera and I have not been getting along lately, but I think we're back together now.
I'm sorry I've been a bad blogger, but life is just that way sometimes. Lately, I just haven't had anything exciting to say and since my camera and I were not seeing eye to eye, I didn't have any photos that I could get off the dang card to post....ARGHHHH!
Princess J is always on the move, long gone are the days when she would sit still and let me capture cute little photos. Now, I have to chase her around! It's very tiring trying to chase her down, get that cute cheesy smile and snap the photo in the same instant. I got a few cute ones this morning though! Fall weather is beginning to appear around here. The nights and evenings are chilly, so I've been kind of excited to have the little one wear her new fall clothing. :D My sweet little fashion plate! LOL!

Well, the most important thing I have to say today is.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! We all love you and miss you tons! Can't wait to see you early next year!!!


Tayde said...

Your kiddos are precious....I love love the huge "cheesy" back to school smile{didn't even see that the pic was washed out because of that adorable big grin-what a sunshine!} and the cute "binky" pic with that adorable pink sweater cardigan....they are tooo darn cute:) Have a fabulous weekend!!! take it easy super mommie!!!

erin said...

such a sweet outfit for her!
i know what you mean re: chasing them around, literally!!!
see you this weekend!

dcpa said...

Dad says, "thanks for the greeting, and love you guys too!" See Libbi's blog elsewhere. Our camera's gone dololly too.

cheerful cropper said...

i hear ya on the busy life, quick toddler and never ending to do list! os happy we got to see you on Sun. thanks for the fun purse! Maybe we can fit in a playdate at The LIttle Gym or Gymboree soon :)

emelyn said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad!! Hope he had a great day. I totally know what you mean about the days....there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish anything!

Totally missed you during Anni crop. Wished were on the same day....*sigh*...hopefully next crop!